Dia-Frag was founded in February 15, 1984, with headquarters in Monte Alto, the state of São Paulo, working on the development, marketing, distribution, machining and manufacturing of artifacts in aluminum and rubber.

Through its broad industrial park and relying on the most modern production processes, Dia-Frag has become a leading supplier of motorcycle parts market, besides being present in various other segments.

In 2003 the company won the Certification ISO 9001: 2000 and expanded its sales also for motorcycle manufacturers, which was a big step for the company's growth.

In 2014, Dia-Frag was acquired by Wabtec group (Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Co.), a multinational company based in Pennsylvania, United States. And through this change aims to increase its production capacity and invest in new product lines, adding technology and generating new jobs.


While many domestic manufacturers are turning off their production lines and starting to act just as importers by virtue of the facilities on imports and the low cost of parts in countries like China and India, Dia-Frag invests in its industrial park and extends to each year its production capacity, investing more and more in Brazil.


Respect for customers, suppliers, partners and employees:

We seek to meet and consider their individual needs, enhancing the partnership and established trust.


We value the good conduct in relationships, considering the differences in culture, business, technology, and above all in confidentiality in relationships with customers, partners and employees.


We reconcile attitudes and postures in trade relations, administrative and operational, proceeding with logic and responsibility in the actions.


In fully involved in what we propose, with seriousness, determination and professionalism.


Dia- Frag stands out for its extensive know-how in aluminum manufacturing, friction material and rubber, high technology and modern industrial plant that has precision machines, testing laboratories, metrology and sophisticated equipment, it also possess national and international quality certificates, it demonstrates that all our products are produced according to the strictest technical standards of manufacturing and quality control. It also stands for its dedication in the service to our customers and partners, moreover it counts with an efficient logistics system, that ensures a quick and safe delivery of our products.